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I grew up in a very small country town with a popluation of 516.  Yes, you read that correctly five hundred and sixteen.  I actually think it was 501 when I was a child so I am glad to see a 'few' others have settled down in the area (I say with sarcasm)...... The population was even printed on a sign as you entered the town to remind everyone of just how small it really was.  Some may think that small town living is not ideal but there are many life lessons to be learned from a charming, quaint little town. 



We had one stoplight and the closest grocery store was 30 minutes away. The joke of the town was that if you blinked as you drove through you would miss it. We laughed about that but it was true.  It was a place where everyone knew everyone and helped each other any way they could. Neighbors were like family and you didn't hesitate to ask for a favor or if you had leftovers you took them over to your neighbor so they could enjoy a home cooked meal.



Growing up, my sisters and I  spent hours running around on my parents land climbing trees, playing in the mud, finding new trails, roaming through old barns and playing in our tree house my dad built for us.  We built forts, rode our bikes and spent time playing in an old creek that ran along the perimeter of my parents land.  We would go exploring in the creek and look for gold (there was a gold mine close by...there should be gold somewhere in that creek, right?). Well, we weren't lucky enough to find gold  but we made some great childhood memories.  There was even a buttercup patch in the middle of the woods where we found ourselves picking flowers to use as a centerpiece on the dinner table. 



My parents planted a garden every year and still do to this day.  We would help 'tend' the garden as my grandmother would say.  I remember running up and down the garden rows dragging our barefeet through the cold dirt looking for the potatoes that had been planted and then stopping to take a break while we took turns drinking water from the well in an old tin pot. Oh those were the days!



On any given Saturday, we would ride in the back of my dad's pickup truck to the local country store and get a snack (nothing beats an orange pushup on a hot summer day).  Life was simple and brought about a sense of calm we all yearn for today.  Having the privilege to experience a garden being planted and harvested made me appreciate the hardwork that goes into life in the country.  A simple life, so innocent and most often taken for granted, yet so important to survival and a way of life for many.  The world has changed in so many ways and I cherish those memories and keep them dear to my heart.  



Going back to your roots and the things that remind you of childhood memories help mold you into what you are today and reminiscing of those simple days create peace in the chaotic hustle and bustle of life.  For me, living  a simple country style brings serenity to life and that easily translates to your family, home and your lifestyle.  Life is busy, we get it, but we wanted to share a few simple ways to inspire you to create your own Sweet Country Style in your life.



Explore the Outdoors

Exploring the outdoors seems so foreign theses days.  Often times we are so caught up in the digital lifestyle that even stepping foot outside at least while the sun is out is a rare occasion.  Creating Sweet Country Style is all about being outdoors and enjoying all the things that make you happy and give you peace.   A few ideas that come to mind are simple things such as having a bonfire and roasting marshmallows with friends and family.  How about a picnic? It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Just make a few sandwiches and some lemonade and you are set.  There is something about a picnic that makes you slow down and enjoy the company a bit more.  If you want to relive your childhood then go to the park and swing on the swings, explore nature, chase fireflies and follow a few trails.  Who knows what you might find!  Go fishing, take a nap under a tree.  Get Outside and live it up! 




Serenity Sunday

Life is so crazy that in order to get everything crammed into the week you have to use Sunday as a 'catchall' day.  Sunday was meant to be a day of rest so you should do just that - Relax and Do Nothing.  There's nothing better than spending an afternoon on the front (or back) porch doing nothing but relaxing.  Porches are a perfect place for a nap or to catch up with family and friends.  The key is to do whatever makes you happy and creates your own Sweet Country Style.  We give you permission to be lazy. Go Enjoy It!





Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Taking a stroll down memory lane is a great way to remember the past and the fond memories you had.  Start with old photos and reminisce about what those mean to you .  Share childhood stories with your family. Visit your parents or grandparents and soak up all they have to offer. Visiting with grandparents keeps them young and children enjoy this time as well. Visit your favorite ice cream shop and treat yourself to a double scoop- indulge, it's ok. Have lunch with a childhood friend you haven't seen in years.  Talk about the 'good ole' days when everything was much simpler.  Flip through an old yearbook and laugh about the awkward phase you were in and the picture that your BFF snapped of you at the wrong moment but ended up in the yearbook anyway. Laugh and enjoy yourself!




Take a Backroad

Drive down an old dirt road just to see where it leads.  You might be surprised.  Country roads can lead to some of the most amazing places.  It's not always about the path that is most often taken but the road less traveled that has the best stories.  It's not always the easiest but it's the one that makes you glad you did. Stop and enjoy the peaceful serene countryside filled with nothing but Sweet Country Style.  Take a deep breath....ahhh.... fresh air is good for the soul.  Country roads,  take me home to the place I belong. 




Stop and Smell the Roses

We know to 'stop and smell the roses' is an 'old saying' that means to slow down but we also mean literally notice your surroundings and look for the flowers blooming, bees buzzing and the wildlife playing in the fields.  Take a look around you and enjoy the simplistic aspects of life.  Don't forget to also look up and watch the clouds as they drift across the sky forming different shapes and sizes. We know you did this as a kid and probably still do with your own kids or even grand kids. Enjoy life and dance as if no one's watching.  Really focusing on all of these things makes you realize just how simple life can be. Take a day off from work and have no plans other than to enjoy a beautiful summer day. Free your mind and the rest will follow.



Watch a Sunset/Sunrise

There's Nothing more peaceful or beautiful than a sunset or sunrise.  As you watch the ever changing colors fill the sky you can't help but to reflect upon your life.  With every sunrise is a promise of a new day and a chance to start over.  No two sunsets are a like, while some are a marvelous spectrum of color, others are a more simplistic form of beauty and unfortunately they are gone in a blink of an eye..... a  gentle reminder that time is precious and life is short.  Bring Sweet Country Style to your life and enjoy the little things............



Life Is What You Make It.  


Sweet Country Style is a way of life. 


You Create It.....You Live It.....You Become It!!




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