Tips To Style A Tiered Tray

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We all fall in love with tiered trays but it is easy to see how styling one can be overwhelming.  Finding just the right items to create the look you want is no easy task. We wanted to share a few tricks of the trade to help you get started choosing and styling your tray.  


First choose the material you would like your tray to be made from.  Here's a few options, metal, wood, wire, ceramic, jute and glass and the list goes on. There are many different trays to choose from so you must start with deciding the perfect tray based upon what you plan to use it for. 


Are you looking for something fancy for entertaining, something to change out with each holiday or season or are you simply looking for a dining table center piece filled with your most favorite things?  What room will you use this in?  Think about your decorating style and what would work best for your space.  

After you have chosen the look you want, it is now time to think about the items you want to display on your trays. 


Here are a few ideas for uses of trays. 



Photo by Amber Hopman -
Choose a tray that is versatile and will allow you to use it all year long.  Change up the style according to the season or holiday.  This will bring newness to your space and would be the perfect centerpiece for any room or table.  Choose a holiday, then find items related to that holiday.  It could be as simple as themed treats such as candies or baked goods (think candy corn for Halloween, Hershey Kisses for Valentine’s Day in a cute trinket box or mug, or even candy canes for Christmas).  Use multi colored mugs to brighten up the tray. 




Photo by Louise de Miranda 

Depending upon where you are styling your tray, use it to display items you use often.  For example, in the kitchen, use items such as mugs, tea cups or even fruit.  If you are using it in the bathroom, it can be used to house makeup, toiletries or nail polish. In this pic, a tiered tray is used to hold paint supplies in a craft room.  You can even use a larger tiered tray on the front porch to showcase home decor items you love. 



Make It Personal

Photo by Michelle Rees 
Try using phrases or letters or even items that are monogrammed.  You can even use a small chalkboard and write a personal message that is special to you or your family. You can also use family photos or pictures that share special moments such as weddings, birthdays or graduation ceremonies. Use bits of fabric and lace that have special meaning and pair them with a few of your favorite things to fill something similar to this rustic inspired tiered tray. 




Photo by Charmean Neithart Interiors 
Tiered Trays are a great addition to your décor, for your next dinner party, wedding, or  birthday party.  Trays are perfect for displaying cupcakes, desserts or appetizers.  You can get function and beauty with these beautiful tiered trays. Love this tray with all the vibrant colors....looks delicious!




Photo by My Romantic Home 

You can use tiered trays to display collections.  Do you collect something special, do you really love horses, dogs or even flowers?  Try to use different sizes and materials to add a bit of variety to your tray. This is an example of a beautiful beach inspired theme that pairs well with the ceramic tray. The delicate flowers add a pop of color while creating a romantic look. 



Once you have your tray and how you plan to use it, here are a few Steps for Styling Your Tray



  1.  Add height to your tiered tray by placing larger items on the top layer.  If you are decorating for a holiday, keep that in mind.  For example, use a mini tree for Christmas, a Pumpkin for Halloween, or a heart topiary for Valentine’s day.
  • To keep the eye traveling upwards use tall, thin items. (the taller and thinner, the better)
  • Candles, flowers, and smaller items such as figurines make great items for the top tier
  1. Fill empty spaces with small items
  • Knickknacks, collectibles or your favorite souvenir would be great to help fill the space
  • However, to keep the space balanced, don’t use too many small items or it will look too busy
  1. Mix and Match Decorative Items with Items you use often
  • Bud vases, teacups, dishes or even glasses would be a great option
  • Think useful and functional
  1.  Use different colors and textures to add some variety
  • Think about patterns and colors that work well together.  Avoid using the same color throughout the tray.  Organization is great but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.
  • Play around with the size of items until you find the perfect way to style your tray.


And that’s it, sweet & simple. You are now well on your way to styling your tiered tray like a pro.  Use your imagination for ways to fill the tray.  There are no rules in this game.  Make it fun, interesting and a representation of things you love and you can't go wrong!! 

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