Country Style Home Decor

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Farmhouse Style for your Home


Who doesn’t enjoy a ride out to the countryside on a beautiful day? The air seems cleaner and the smells are crisper when you are in the country. We think of a simpler life—far from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, it isn’t surprising that a strong trend in home décor is the country style, which is also referred to as “farmhouse style,” because it reflects that feeling of a slower pace, cleaner living and simpler time.


Some of the words that describe the look and feel of the country style are “warm,” “inviting” and “comfortable.” Better Homes and Gardens, in their online article “Country Decorating Ideas,” describes the look as:

“Characteristically casual and cozy…all about comfort. Today's farmhouse style is airy, orderly, collected, nostalgic, and, above all else, welcoming.”


We know this style has been around for eons but it really has staying power. People continue to love the easy and cozy feel of a “country” house. Today’s style, however, is so different from the ruffled, frilly curtains that we saw in the 1980’s version of country style. Now we see a much more simplified and purposeful style element than in years past.


Let’s take a look at some of the main points of emphasis in the country style home décor of today and show you how to get the look through design elements, furniture, accessories, and lighting.





Design Elements

Anything that harkens to the farm life will exhibit the look you are trying to achieve. Many people use the words “rustic” and antique” as design terms for country style décor. Note, however, that this décor can be rustic as well as incorporate other elements that are more modern, such as galvanized materials, and still achieve the farmhouse look. Such elements as shiplap walls, barn doors, and exposed wooden beams convey the country charm in any of your rooms whether it is the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom or bathroom. Country Living has some photo galleries that illustrate farmhouse country style design elements.





Furniture is the foundation upon which you build the style. When selecting furniture, look for items that add comfort and warmth to the room. Furniture coverings that reflect outdoor elements are focal points in creating this style, such as leather and wood, as well as colorful chintz floral and gingham check motifs.






Lighting is one of the most important aspects of décor because it creates the ambience in the room. As you decorate in the country style, you will want the lighting to include fixtures and lamps that shout “country!” Fixtures made of metals and wood are great in this style. You definitely don’t want polished brass fixtures—they are SO “yesterday.” Using globes and lamps made from mason jars, lanterns, or electric candles throughout the house create a farmhouse look.  And, shades that are made of cloth, such as burlap, are definitely “on trend.”




Accessories complete the look for a room just as they do for an outfit. And, you can definitely have fun accessorizing your rooms with country style! Again, anything that harkens to the country life is what you want to look for when adding those special touches. Here are just a few of the items you can use for this style decor:

  • vases filled with wildflowers,
  • bowls filled with fruit and vegetables,
  • earthen pottery,
  • farmhouse art like cows, chickens and horses,
  • a framed chalkboard in a mudroom or kitchen
  • rustic, antique signs
  • antique trunks
  • decorative plate displays
  • country pot racks
  • repurposed farm tools
  • area rugs


We hope we’ve given you some ideas for this popular style of decorating. Just remember, the main qualities for the country style home are comfort, warm, cozy, and inviting! Make your space reflect these and you will have the perfect country-style home!



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