Chalkboard Ideas

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Who doesn't like to draw on the walls or furniture?  These creative chalkboard ideas offer functional spaces with a touch of fun in your home (and this one is mom approved).  Chalkboards aren't just for walls any longer and they aren't just for kids.  There are so many ways to incorporate chalkboards into your home.  If you are a list maker like I am, these chalkboard ideas are perfect.      



Looking for a one-of-a-kind dining table? Paint a basic table with chalkboard paint. Transform your dining table into a writable surface perfect for wine and cheese parties. Have little ones at home? A chalkboard table could help keep small hands busy after dinner, too. What a fun way to dine in style. 

Photo by Madison Modern Home 


Pantry doors

A pantry door is a perfect place for a chalkboard.  Write grocery lists, schedules or reminders for your kids to do their chores!! This could also be a fun way to do homework.... this is a great place to work through math problems or even practice for the weekly spelling test.  

Photo by Brenda Olde 



A Chalkboard Tray - What a cute idea!!.  Coat a metal tray with chalkboard spray paint and write your personalized message on top. This can be used year-round. Note: Avoid placing food directly on the surface; the tray works best for displaying wineglasses, jars or candles. 

Photo by Corynne Pless 


Picture Frame

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and then place a vintage frame around it. Write an inspiring quote on your chalkboard. This is great way to spice up your walls with a DIY project that lets you speak your mind without even saying a word. 

Photo by Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist 



Outdoor chalkboard - A big chalkboard hung on a fence or an exterior wall can keep kids busy.  This is a great addition to a playground space for kids or even in an outdoor sitting area for adults. Think of all the fun games you can play while entertaining children of all ages.   

Photo by Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture 



Consider this imaginative solution of a chalkboard dresser. Painting an otherwise nondescript piece with chalkboard paint allows the drawers to be labeled for children to easily learn where their clothes go. Voila....No more excuses for not putting away laundry!!

Photo by LeAnne Bunnell Interiors Inc. 




Kitchen + a little paint = chalkboard fridge.  We love the idea of using chalkboard paint to cover a boring fridge for an instant message board. Remind kids to eat their veggies or better yet remind them when it is take-out night and mom is off-duty!!

Photo by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs 


If you are looking for a more subtle place for a chalkboard, the perfect place is the laundry room or a basement wall.    Creating fun and unique elements always adds interest to your home.  Regardless of the style of your home, there is always a place for a chalkboard.  Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.


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