Adding Color To Your Modern Farmhouse

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Adding Color to Your Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is a huge influence for kitchens right now. HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” propelled this warm and welcoming look into our kitchens in a big way. To achieve this style, it’s important to start with the must-have elements before bringing in your own creative touches. Once you nail the basics of modern farmhouse style, you can personalize it with your own color palette. Below, we outline eight easy tips for adding your own colorful accents while keeping a relaxed and rustic vibe.

Modern farmhouse style must-haves

  • Rustic architectural features like open beams, wood floors and unfinished mantels are the most recognizable elements of the modern farmhouse design.

  • White or light neutral colors are the most common palette.

  • Furniture is often designed with a craftsmen-like appearance.

  • Lighting should be the most modern element of the room, using lustrous metals and industrial type styles


1. Begin with colorful cabinets

White- and wood-toned cabinets are still wildly popular, but more colorful options like gray and navy blue are storming the scene. These colors can anchor your modern farmhouse kitchen. Two-toned cabinetry, usually white over gray or navy blue, creates interest in a kitchen that lacks architectural features.


2. Reveal a pop of color with glass cabinets

A clever way to add color your kitchen is by painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets, allowing the color to peek out from glass doors. You can also use this pop of color in the back of shelving or bookcases. Muted neutrals and pastel colors are a natural fit for rustic decorating, especially inside cabinets and shelves. Also, another unique way to showcase color is to use chicken wire rather than glass doors.  This brings in a true farmhouse element. 


3. Tile backsplash adds Color

The most popular tile backsplash colors for modern farmhouse kitchens are white or gray. Historically, subway tiles and chevron patterns, usually in neutral colors, have dominated backsplash design. After years of white and neutral kitchens, cement backslash and floor tiles with colorful patterns are a growing trend that puts color back into kitchens. Don't be afraid of color, it can make your kitchen feel more like a home rather than a stark white kitchen that seems cold and sterile. 



 4. Mix Up your metal fixtures


Satin brass, copper and bronze fixtures are not only welcome in a modern farmhouse kitchen, but mixing and matching them creates a custom look without adding a lot of color. Your kitchen faucet is the most prominent metal feature at eye level, so choose one that fits in with your backsplash and counters. Lighting is also a good place to mix and match metals, as it’s crucial to the entire kitchen design.

5. Look beyond white walls


Painted white walls are a mainstay of modern farmhouse kitchen decorating. Light neutral walls show off the rustic wood features and highlight architectural elements. Simple neutral walls may not be your thing — that’s where today’s muted pastel paint colors come in. You can still show off the rustic features of your kitchen with a soft pastel wall color. Choose your wall color after you’ve chosen your cabinet, tile and countertops. With so many paint color choices, it’s easier to choose the right color later than to try matching larger items to existing walls.

6. Add colorful dishes on open shelving


Chunky and rustic shelving is true to the modern farmhouse style. Unfinished wood shelves are the most style-specific choice, but if you like a less cluttered look, you can paint your shelves the color of your walls. White shelving is a go-to for modern farmhouses.  Dishes and bowls in your favorite colors placed on shelves bring color to your kitchen with very little effort. Open shelving also gives you a place for accessories without cluttering your countertops.


7. Choose wall art for your kitchen

Artwork for the kitchen is easily overlooked. Whether you choose a large clock or a statement sign, your wall art is an easy way to add color to your neutral walls. The secret to using artwork in modern farmhouse decorating is scale. Large wall art gives your kitchen charm and vintage character. Keep your wall art palette simple with two or three colors; busy patterns and bright colors can distract from the simplicity of your design.  Less is more in this case and although simple, it can create a big impact. 


8. Consider an unexpected accent color on your ceiling


Yes, you can bring color into the room by using your ceiling as an accent wall. Consider it the fifth wall.  If there is a color you would love to include but you want to keep your walls neutral, your ceiling may be the solution. It’s a brave decorating move, and we recommend sampling paint colors thoroughly before deciding on your perfect color. It is true that lighter ceilings can make a room feel larger so use muted pastels and neutrals to soften up a stark white kitchen without darkening the room. If you have high ceilings, you can also use wood accents or tin panels to create a modern look. 


Creating a modern farmhouse kitchen may seem intimidating, but it’s all about nailing the basics and adding your own personal touch of color - keep it clean and simple and you will create a space you will love.


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