Everything Mason Jars

Everything Mason Jars

Country Inspired Decorating with Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great way to add Sweet Country Style to any home.  The mason jar has become a country staple.  It was originally invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, these jars are often referred to as Ball jars and are named after the manufacturer.  They are also called fruit jars or glass canning jars.  The original intent was to preserve food during the home canning process, but today mason jars are widely used for storage, crafts and other decorative purposes.  They make fabulous cocktail containers and beautiful makeshift vases. 

There are many uses for mason jars other than sipping sweet tea on the back porch.  You can use mason jars as flower vases or kitchen table centerpieces or you use these outside to add country inspired lighting and ambiance to your outdoor space.  You can even use Mason Jars for light fixtures.  Any way you choose to use mason jars there is one thing for sure, it speaks to the simple way of country life and all it has to offer.

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