Soap Dishes

Soap Dishes

Soap Dishes for Your Farmhouse Bathrooms 

Sweet Country Styles' country soap dishes give your farmhouse bathroom an added touch.  Most of our soap dishes are sold in a set of 4 so that it creates a cohesive look throughout your home and also can be used for bathrooms with multiple sink vanities.  

It is the look of a wire soap dish or enamel soap dishes that provide the perfect addition to your farmhouse style. 
Even our soap dishes at Sweet Country Style help you create the perfect space whether it is in a guest bathroom or your master bath.

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Enamel Soap Dish

Soap DishSweet Country Style's vintage enamel soap dish is a reproduction of an old fashioned soap d..


Spigot Soap and Towel Holder

Spigot Soap and Towel Holder11"W x 5¾"D x 23½"T. 11"W x 5¾"D x 23½"T. Hang your towels on this use..