Primitive Treen Collection

Primitive Treen Collection

Sweet Country Styles' Treen collection is antique reproductions made of resin.  Each piece is cast from the original antiques and carefully finished. Details from the original pieces like the grain of the wood are captured. Some of our Treen also features leather straps and attractive tags.

Our Treen is cast from authentic antiques, there are marks, holes, and knots. Our primitive Treen has a matte finish and careful attention to detail. These pieces are perfect for your primitive style home and great styles like our chesterfield bowl would make great centerpieces for a dining table. 

We love this vintage inspired collection and we know you will too. 

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Centerpiece Bowl

This fabulous centerpiece bowl is made of resin. This would be beautiful on a dining table as a cent..


Culpepper Bowl

Our Sweet Country Style Culpepper Bowl is a great centerpiece for your beautiful farmhouse table.&nb..


Homer's Samplin' Spoon

This small spoon is 4" wide, 7" long and about 1" high. Our Treen is made of resin and not recommend..


Large Distressed Bowl

23½"x 11" x 5". We think that puff beetles or some sort of wood-eating insect got to this very distr..


Large Pig Bowl

This whimsical bowl measures 7" wide, 16" long and 4" tall. The carved pig has feet and a curled tai..


Large Scoop

3¾" wide and 9" tall. Features a leather hanger.Made of resin. Our Treen is for decorative use and i..


Large Scoop with Handle

5" wide and 11¼" long. Features a leather strap.Made of resin. Our Treen is for decorative use and i..


Large Square Trencher

8¾" x 19¼" x 5". Features heavy carving marks on the inside.Made of resin. Our Treen is for decorati..


Nanny's Fixin Bowl

13" x 4¾". Made of resin. Our Treen is for decorative use and is not recommended for use with unwrap..


Nonie's Bowl - Black

23" x 13" x 4". This large bowl features a small hole on one side and an interesting deep, curved gr..


Oval Trencher

17"x 9" x 2¾". This oval-shaped bowl has a lighter walnut finish. Made of resin. Our Treen is for de..


Primitive Large Bowl with Hole

12" x 3". Features a knot that creates a hole in the interior of the bowl.Made of resin. Our Treen i..


Primitive Round Bowl

This slightly oblong bowl is 8½" x 9" x 4". Made of resin. Our Treen is for decorative use and is no..


Rabbit Bowl

This rabbit bowl measures 16" long, 7" wide and 4" tall. Our Treen is made of resin and is not for u..


Red Large Notched Trencher

19¼" x 9" x 4". Bowl is 3½" deep and features carving marks inside the bowl and a notch on the side...