About Sweet Country Style

Hi my name is Shelly and I am the owner of Sweet Country Style.  It is a family owned business based in Salisbury, NC where I live on the lake with my husband and two teenage daughters. Sweet Country Style started as an online boutique featuring brands that showcase country inspired designs that introduces the sweet southern way of life to everyone.  We just recently opened a store front in Downtown Salisbury.    

A little bit about me.....I grew up in a really small town with a population of about 500 people.  I was raised knowing our neighbors, planting gardens and enjoying life in a close knit community in the South. As I grew up, I went to college for a degree in marketing and management at a small university in my hometown. After college, I chose a career in brand management for an apparel company and for the last 17 years have climbed the corporate ladder and managed a few well known brands.  However, I always thought something was missing and I wanted to do more.  The fear of regret lingered in my mind and that was what pushed me to find my own happiness through entrepreneurship.   My dream job has always been to create my own brand that is fun, inspiring and unique but also adds a bit of country charm.  The creative side of me has never wavered and I have been on a quest to own my own business ever since. It is the little voice that keeps cheering you on and a reminder of never giving up on your dreams.  I left my corporate job to create my own path and make my mark on the world.  Sweet Country Style has allowed me to share my brand with all those that cross my path. 

Sweet Country Style started in 2017 with the introduction of farmhouse and country inspired home decor and furnishings and we are excited to be expanding into Clothing, Shoes and Accessories.  It just made sense that we should be able to bring Sweet Country Style to not only your home but also your closet.   

Our line of 
apparelshoes and accessories has more of a Country Chic vibe but we also have a love for Boho Style with bit of Western Flair thrown in.  We like to think we offer a little bit of something for everyone.  Whether you are looking for concert attire, an outfit to wear to work or maybe you need that perfect outfit to go out with your besties, we hope to bring you everything your country heart desires.  Not from the south?  That's ok too.  Our Classic Country Style has just the right southern flair to make you look and feel fabulous every day. That's what it's all about anyway, right?  

Sweet Country Style brings back sweet memories of childhood that lends itself to the simple way of life.  With the fast pace, rat race we live in now, we all need to relax and enjoy life and the simplicity of a charming home and a country chic inspired closet.  

The journey is just beginning!!
We like making new friends and we welcome you to come be a part of this amazing wild ride. 
Let’s see where this country road takes us.